Just a few things to know about us at Pearle Properties.

  • We do not offer ceremony services at the properties except the Earth To Table Farm.
  • We do not MC parties but will assist with introductions and announce all the dances.  More info can be found here.
  • Our services can be added to your account by contacting your sales representative at a reduced rate. 
  • We do all the reminders for you during the planning process.
  • All our tools are online and easy to use.
  • Uplighting, Club lighting, Dry ice, Name in lights, Photobooth and Ambient decor can be added directly with our service.
  • All Pearle clients recieve a discounted price from RockStar! Photobooths.
  • You can meet with us in person, online or by phone anytime you need assistance with planning.
  • Our DJs always dress to fit in, not stand out with dress pants, dress shirts, dress shoes and ties.
  • All parties times are until 1am unless arranged with your sales representative.
  • Equipped and experienced in LGBT weddings


Copeland DJ & Productions (previously thunderdj) has proudly been party of this visionary group for over 14 years.

Our service has transitioned and evolved into a state of the art personalized party power house.

An investment in the future, each venue and the latest technology.  Our dedication to your party.  We have sound and lighting installed in many of the rooms that are owned and maintained by us.  No other service may use these systems.  

Our unique and exceptionally small equipment setups allow for more room for dancing.  We have a very small footprint often setting up in a 5ft square area.

You won't see speakers in any photos like other DJ Services.  Our sound is installed overhead of all the dancefloors and is balanced for the perfect sound and volume.

We are an all star team of party professionals with a passion for music and entertaining.  

Our mission and promise to you is a party as unique as you are.

We have designed planning tools around each of the properties and rooms of all the pearle hospitality properties.

Our DJs and Event Planning Team work closely with your sales representative, your wedding concierge, maitre'd and event staff for a hassle free party.

All of us a Copeland DJ hope you enjoy the site and we look forward to hearing any questions or comments you may have.

You can visit our home here